‘A Show of Confidence’: Israel, NYSE Launch Joint Project

Photo by Finance Ministry Spokesman on 9 July, 2019

By TPS • 9 July, 2019

Israel Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon and Director General of the Ministry of Finance Shai Babad visited the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) on Monday and agreed to launch a joint project.

During the meeting with senior NYSE officials, a joint team was set up to establish a secondary high-tech stock exchange.

“This is a show of confidence by the strongest stock exchange in the world in Israel’s economy,” Kahlon stated, lauding the warm reception the Israeli delegation received.

“The understandings we reached are great news for the [New York] Stock Market, the Israeli exchange and the hi-tech market, which is desperate for investments,” the minister added.

“Anyone who wants to witness Israel’s real economic situation should take a short visit to the New York exchange,” he suggested.


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