Air Force Hits Hamas Targets in Gaza Following Infiltration 


Air Force Hits Hamas Targets in Gaza Following Infiltration

Written by TPS on April 09, 2018


Air Force jets attacked Hamas installations in northern Gaza overnight between Sunday and Monday, following the infiltration of three individuals from the Strip into Israel and the discovery of three improvised explosive devices (IEDs) along the border fence.

The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said the army “views with great severity the attempt led by Hamas  to turn the vicinity of the into a combat zone while attempting to damage and destroy the security and defense infrastructure.

“Hamas is solely responsible for everything that happens in and emanates from the Gaza Strip, both above and below ground,” the statement concluded.

The Palestinian infiltration and placement of IEDs along the border was the latest in a series of attempts to challenge the IDF in recent weeks: In March, security forces apprehended several individuals who had crossed the border fence, and Gaza residents have staged mass demonstrations along the border fence over the past two Fridays.




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