Bone Marrow Donor Wanted To Save Young WLA Father’s Life

Los Angeles Jewish community member Adam Krief, married and the father of 3 young children is in urgent need of a bone marrow donor. Adam learned he had primary myelofibrosis (blood cancer) in July of 2016. His best chance for survival is a bone marrow or peripheral blood stem cell transplant. He is undergoing chemotherapy but doctors say that this can only buy him some time. That is why the need to find Adam’s perfect bone marrow match is urgent. None of his family members nor the 28 million people in the international marrow registry have turned out to be a match, so Gift of Life Marrow Registry along with his family and friends have launched an international search, getting as many people to swab as possible. Due to Adam’s background, his best prospect for a match is among people with Moroccan or Sephardic Jewish ancestry or even someone from the Hispanic community. However, his bone marrow match can be ANYONE- so don’t hesitate! Donating bone marrow is as EASY as donating blood, does not require surgery and you will feel no pain.

YOU CAN SAVE A LIFE BY JUST TAKING A FEW MINUTES OUT OF YOUR DAY.  The process is very simple. Here’s how you can help: join the international marrow registry by simply swabbing your cheek with a Q-tip. The results are then analyzed in the lab to be seen if it is a match for Adam or anyone else and put into the registry.

1) You can swab your cheek at any donor drive go event.  Click the following link to see upcoming swabbing events.  or visit


2) If you would like to order a swab kit instead of going to a donor drive, click here: You can order a swab kit in the mail for FREE.

Please visit (which will lead you to the hope 4 Adam Facebook page) for more information, to donate and to spread the word. Money is needed to process the thousands of swab kits, which can cost $60 per kit. You can also visit the twitter page at

If you are living outside the U.S, please google your country’s bone marrow registry. Your results will go into the worldwide registry and you can be a match for Adam.


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