Life is not perfect. And that can be a good thing.


In truth, the events in our life develop in absolute perfection, directly in sync with the Heavenly plan, but it is a perfection defined by G-d; something that is not easy to grasp by our mortal selves.

We tend to see the ‘here and now’, and desperately seek a way out from the challenges we face. Understandably so. And then we visit the generation’s greatest scholars to be inspired by their presence and granted their personal blessing.

Indeed, those who have encountered the Grand Rabbi of Chernobyl, in Bnei Brak, have found a fulfillment to their search. His blessing and prayers on their behalf have proven to produce miraculous results, infusing hope and faith into the gloomiest of situations.

Visitors are introduced to the huge institution that the renowned Grand Rabbi of Chernobyl has established. The diverse flock of his disciples are proud to belong, each playing an important role with their daily schedules of learning and prayer, held within premises around the Holy Land, including Jerusalem, Bnei Brak and Elad.

Among their general studies which delve into the depths of our glorious heritage, hundreds of men, young and old, are also taught about the significance of a Jew’s proper decorum and integrity among their peers. These lectures, delivered by both the Rabbi and other cultured individuals, go a long way in preparing them for their future, as righteous husbands, fathers and businessmen, and polishing the personalities of those who have already been fortunate to reach this stage.

International guests who observe this amazing blend of tradition and contemporary learning, quickly become friends of the institution, partnering with its financial responsibilities and knowing their donation will ensure a promising future for the budding young scholars. In this way, although they return to their homes and businesses across the globe, they carry with them the crowning glory associated with the supporting of Torah studies.

Besides the greatness of financing the Chernobyler following, these donors are relieving the Rabbi of his gargantuan single-handed financial obligation, so he can devote more time to serve the many needy individuals who come his way in search of a salvation.

The Rabbi does not take the nobility of these donors lightly. He extends a boundless gratitude to those who support his valuable establishment, especially since he invests his heart and soul towards its spiritual success.




One of the Rabbi’s ardent followers, Moshe* was blessed with a large family. He applied for permission to extend his small apartment, but due to neighbour’s opposition, the application was declined. One neighbor, a childless couple, was empathetic towards Moshe’s dilemma, and offered to help, with the thought that, at least if they did not merit their own family, they could ensure another’s comfort. Indeed, they supported a new planning claim, helped secure funding, and before long, Moshe was the proud owner of extended accommodation.

Enormously grateful to his neighbor and in his effort to repay their kindness, Moshe urged the childless man to accompany him to his mentor, the Chernobyler Rabbi, who might bless him with a child. Unmoved, yet curious nonetheless, the neighbor paid a visit. The Rabbi ushered the pair inside, and upon hearing about the neighbor’s devotion to Moshe, the Rabbi raised his hands in recognition. He motioned to his attendant to bring him the two pomegranates that were hanging in the sukkah, which he then presented to the visitor as a gift. Entranced, the neighbor left the room, grasping the pair of fruit as though he had already reaped his reward. The Rabbi then turned to Moshe and uttered, “I can’t understand why the couple are discouraged; there is still hope…”

Less than a year later, the couple became the proud parents of twins! They realized how the Rabbi had intervened for them in Heaven, in a double repayment for their supporting one of his close followers, in his housing quandary, and they were overjoyed.

For the Rabbi, every follower is as dear to him as his own son, and those who help the Rabbi’s “children” receive his Heavenly blessings.

Likewise, those who assist the Rabbi in sustaining the Chernobyler institutions are taking upon themselves a guarantee of blessing from a saintly individual who has demonstrated an otherworldly ability countless times.




One of Chernobyl’s American donors phoned the Rabbi’s attendant on behalf of his unmarried niece, an older single who was distraught about her situation, especially compounded by the fact that she still had an older, unmarried brother and in their circles, it was not customary for the younger sibling to marry first.

On hearing the girl’s problem, the Rabbi replied in a clear voice: “You have to be happy. Happiness is the best remedy – be happy!” The donor listened as the Rabbi repeated his first reply, “She should be content and everything will work out.” Puzzled, the girl took this to heart, as hard as it seemed.  She looked to find the sunshine in her life and make the effort to recognize everything as goodness. In a short time, she realized that she had what she really needed to be content and grateful, and this feeling seeped into her character, transforming her into a happier person. Soon after, her brother became engaged, and within the year she herself became engaged and married!

Was it a blessing in disguise, telling a miserable girl to be happy? Or was the sage advice from a revered personality a full-fledged blessing in itself?



A close disciple of the Rabbi attended a fundraising dinner for Chernobyl. He approached the dais to greet the Rabbi, after which the Rabbi offered, “May Hashem help that the amount you give tonight is only a tenth of your income!” Exultant and confident with this blessing, the jeweler pulled out his check book and scribbled an even larger amount than planned.

Unbelievably, the following day, a great deal was struck in his business, a profit which was quickly calculated to total ten times the donation he had made the night before! In his sixty years, he had never chanced upon such luck and he credited the Divine fortune to his charitable act of helping the Chernobyler institutions.


On another occasion, a disciple longed to support his beloved affiliates of Chernobyl in some way, but he was not financially able to do so at the time. That day, he happened to join a group applying to the bank for compensation for hefty banking fees over the years. All the past requests were rejected but, oddly enough, on this occasion the bank called this individual to confirm that he would receive the compensation requested – this amounted to the exact sum which he originally wanted to donate to the Chernobyl institutions!




A family affiliated with Chernobyl had arranged for an au-pair to care for their handicapped father at home. Unfortunately, Vera, the new employee, was arrested at the airport because there she had no work permit.  Vera had to wait for an investigation, so the authorities could discover who had employed her etc. Nervous of their fate, which can sometimes end in imprisonment, the Jewish family called the Rabbi in a panic. “G-d puts words in the mouth, even in the mouths of the non-Jews,” was the Rabbi’s calming reply. “So let us pray to Him.” The family cried that they needed an urgent blessing that the au-pair should answer wisely. The Rabbi repeated his words of encouragement, saying, “No one, neither a Jew nor a non-Jew, can utter a single word unless he has received permission from Heaven.”


A very tense two days passed, until a smiling Vera stood at their front door bursting about her good fortune. She had undergone an exhaustive interrogation but, since she answered wisely, the police had to release her on the pretext of ‘lack of evidence’.


Surprised, the family asked her why indeed she did not give their names to the authorities, which could have helped her situation. She explained that she felt some mysterious Heavenly force preventing her from revealing these facts.


To her it was mysterious, but the family knew exactly Who was behind it.




All of us need miracles.


Let us use the opportunity of the Grand Rabbi of Chernobyl who can beseech to G-d on our behalf and help those miracles to happen!

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