Community Protests Planned New Square Kosher Slaughter House


Some Rockland County residents protest Sunday against a planned kosher-poultry slaughterhouse.

Residents have been protesting plans for the facility for years, but are concerned that construction may begin soon.

According to the Rockland Times, a flyer for Sunday’s protest says the slaughterhouse, located on Route 45 in New Hempstead near the New Square border, has received a $1.6 million grant from New York’s Empire State Development Corp., “despite the fact that the chicken slaughterhouse project has not received (needed) approvals from the Rockland County or Ramapo Planning Departments.”

The protesters are seeking to have the grant rescinded, arguing that state tax dollars should not be spent on a slaughterhouse in a residential area.

Rockland County Executive Ed Day told WCBS 880 he believes “the plan is incompatible with adjacent residential uses.”

“There is a process ongoing under the auspices of the county Planning Department,” he said. “But in reality, the final decision will be made in a twofold way. The Village of New Square will decide what they wish to do. They can override the recommendations of the county, and also the reality is that part of the process there are numerous agencies that have to approve this.

“What I am going to ensure and what I will expect of our county Planning Department is what I expect of every application we see — a fair and balanced approach. There will be no favoritism, and every Q will be crossed and every I will be dotted.”

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