Iran Plots Attack On Saudi Oil Facilities, Israel Tells US

This file picture taken on June 23, 2008, shows Aramco's "Pump 3" oil installation in the Saudi Arabian desert

Tehran ‘mulling different aggressive actions’ against American-allied targets

Iran is plotting a destructive attack on Saudi Arabia’s oil extraction facilities, according to intelligence gathered by Israel’s spy agencies and relayed to Washington, an Israeli TV report said Friday night.

Top officials in Tehran were “mulling different aggressive actions” against American-allied targets after direct attacks on US targets were deemed to risky, and set their sights on Saudi oil production facilities, according to the TV report that did not cite its sources.  

It is understood that an added advantage of such a attack from Iran’s point of view would be sending oil prices soaring, resulting in a windfall for the cash-strapped Islamic Republic, languishing under the harsh sanctions levied by the administration of Donald Trump.

The report comes shortly after Reuters reported that the US will deploy new Patriot missiles to the Middle East in light of a growing threat from Iran.

Tensions between US and Iran rose further on Wednesday after Iran threatened to step up its uranium enrichment if the remaining signatories to the nuclear deal did not uphold their part of the agreement from 2015. 

Washington responded by imposing fresh sanctions on Iran’s steel and coal industry. 

Source: i24News

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