Israel: Motzei Shabbos News Roundup – Kite Fires, Attempted Terror Attacks & More


Israel: Motzei Shabbos News Roundup – Kite Fires, Attempted Terror Attacks & More

The Kite Terror attacks combined with balloon bombs continued unabated over Shabbos and has struck severely against Israel’s south. During the day of rest, some 41 fires were ignited due to the bombs flying over the fence. Severe damage was caused to agriculture and nature reserves in the region. A total of 22 fires were set on Friday with another 19 blazes bursting forth on Shabbos day. Firefighters and regional volunteers were active to put out the blaze all through Shabbos.

Traffic Police noticed a suspicious man traveling on Highway 60 just before Shabbos ended. The terrorist was  located just south of Givat Asaph near Beit El. The police stopped the suspicious man and found two large knives in his possession. He was arrested and brought in for questioning. He admitted to police investigators that he was on his way to carry out a terror attack.

United Hatzalah EMS volunteers performed CPR on a 40-year-old pedestrian who was critically wounded after he was struck by a passing car on Highway 6 near the Ayal Interchange. The man was taken to hospital by Magen David Adom ambulances where he is continuing to undergo CPR.

Another earthquake struck northern Israel over Shabbos. The earthquake was measured at 3.4 on the Richter Scale. No injuries or damage was reported.

A number of terrorists were injured when they attempted to throw a bomb at IDF forces on th Israeli side of the Gaza border fence near the Karmi crossing just after Shabbos began. The bomb detonated on the Gaza side of the fence causing the injuries. No injuries were reported to IDF personnel. An IDF  spokesperson said that: “The terror organization Hamas is utilizing a number of terror tactics under the guise of violent protests. The terrorists from Hamas are using the congested groupings of Gaza citizens to approach the fence and carry out their attacks hoping that the IDF won’t be able to stop them due to the civilian interference. Thus they are endangering the people inside of the Gaza Strip and turning them into people assisting with terror activities.” Arab media is reporting that one terrorist was killed from IDF gunfire during the riots that took place on Friday. According to their reports, some 396 were injured.

A 16-year-old Muslim boy was arrested at the Shuafat crossing in Jerusalem after a routine check in a metal detector discovered a concealed knife on the boy’s person.

A 60-year-old man drowned today in the dolphin reef in Eilat.

3 people were seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident that occurred on Highway 55 between an empty bus and two cars. The accident occurred near Neve Yamin in the southern Sharon area. In a separate incident, a 25-year-old motorcyclist was seriously injured when his motrcycle flipped over on Sha’ar Hagay Street in Be’er Sheva on Shabbos.

Police resqued a fisherman who was dragged more than a  mile out to sea on the Kinneret. It took rescue teams more than 20 minutes to reach the man due to the strength of the undertow.

Source: The Yeshiva World

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