Jewish Community Leaders Briefed by Influential United States Senator


A select group of Jewish Community leaders recently gathered in Los Angeles

to hear from visiting United States Senator James E. Risch (R-ID).

Senator Risch was elected to the United States Senate in November of 2008,

after serving as County Prosecutor, Idaho State Senator, Lieutenant Governor, and then Governor of Idaho.  He currently serves on five senate committees including the Energy and Natural Resources Committee, the Committee on Foreign Relations, Select Committee on Intelligence, Select Committee on

Ethics, and he is the Ranking Member on the Committee on Small Business

and Entrepreneurship.

Senator Risch, who is a staunch & vocal supporter of the United States-Israel strategic relationship has been named the “Senate’s Most Conservative Member” by the National Journal and is known by his colleagues for his “pragmatic decision-making,” abilities.  His peers refer to him as a “no-nonsense, get-the-job-done leader” with 39 years of experience in elected office.

Senator Risch addressed the assembled group of Jewish Leaders from various segments of the Jewish Community, both Democrat and Republican.  He touched on issues related to the economy, the national debt, energy independence, the situations in Iran, Syria, Egypt, Israel and the entire Middle East, and other important subjects of interest to the Jewish Community.

The gourmet lunch/reception was chaired by Los Angeles County Commissioner Howard Winkler under the auspices of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) at Shiloh’s Steak House, an upscale glatt-kosher restaurant on Pico Boulevard in West Los Angeles.



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