Likud MK Sharren Haskel: Trump is our friend, settlers have no reason for concern

MK Sharren Haskel. United with Israel.

Likud MK Sharen Haskel says she understands where settlement leaders are coming from – and that Israel is ‘getting a gift.’

Likud MK Sharen Haskel said she understood where representative of Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria were coming from when it came to opposition to Trump’s ‘Deal of the Century’.

Haskel said she realized that their concerns were a result of years of being “disappointed by promises not kept,” and that it was important for them to be involved with “events taking place on the ground.”

She went on to say that the plan to apply Israel’s sovereignty on July 1 would include over 50% of Area C (mostly populated by Jewish communities) without changing the status of Areas A and B, that Prime Minister Netanyahu had vowed to not allow changes to the status quo and would provide President Trump a “four-year gap to bring the Palestinians to the negotiating table,” which was “a lot better than the Clinton initiative that forced us to negotiate a terrible plan for Israel time and time again…providing the Palestinians a gift just to have them come and negotiate.”

Haskel pointed out that, “the tables are turning,” that “President Trump is a great friend of Israel’s, and Israel is receiving a gift—that we’re accepting his plan and in return agreeing to negotiations without promising to give up anything [in return.]”

“The main effect of this is that the Palestinians are finally starting to understand that time is working against them; until now they’ve been getting more from the international community with every year—more funds, more promises, more declarations…,” she concluded.

(Arutz 7).

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