New Poll: Collapse In American Support for Pal. State, A Two-Decade Low — 39%


Americans Support Netanyahu’s Pal. State Concerns 

New Poll: Collapse In American Support for Pal. State, A Two-Decade Low — 39%

NEW YORK, April 1, 2015 — A new Washington Post-ABC News poll has revealed that American public support for creating a Palestinian state is at a two-decade low — only 39% support Palestinian statehood. According to the

Washington Post, “The 39 percent who support the idea is the lowest that number has been in WaPo-ABC and Gallup polling since 1998” (Aaron Blake, ‘Support for Palestinian state hits two-decade low in U.S.,’ Washington Post, March 31, 2015).
This demonstrates great support for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s concerns about establishing a Palestinian state under prevailing conditions when Mahmoud Abbas’ Palestinian Authority (PA) has not met theconditions Mr. Netanyahu laid down when he accepting Palestinian statehood in 2009 — a demilitarized state, Palestinian acceptance of Israel as a Jewish state, no Hamas alliance, no missile and rocket attacks, secure borders and Jerusalem united under Israeli rule.

This most recent poll did not ask Americans whether they would support a Palestinian state in which Hamas was part of the government. Had it done so, support for a Palestinian state would undoubtedly have been even lower.

ZOA National President Morton A. Klein said, “This poll is very much in line with earlier ones showing deep support for Israel, and also a deep skepticism among the American public for Israeli concessions to the PA.

“It also shows strong support for Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s concerns surrounding establishing a Palestinian state when the minimal conditions for doing so, which he laid down in 2009, have not been met.

“Americans clearly understand that a Palestinian state, if established, will not exist in peace with Israel, but will become another Mideast terrorist state. Further, the number of Americans supporting a Palestinian state would undoubtedly be even lower if they were asked their view of a Palestinian state, which included Hamas in its government.

“President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry should heed these results. They should understand that the American people expect our government to support Israel; stop promoting a Palestinian state; stop condemning Jewish communities in Judea/Samaria and eastern Jerusalem as ‘illegitimate’; support Jerusalem as Israel’s undivided capital; stop funding the PA and impose stronger sanctions on Iran to persuade it to terminate its nuclear weapons program.”

This article was published by ZOA and may be found here.

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