Several Bachurim Injured After Gas Explosion at Quaker Hill Bungalow Colony

Firefighters at the scene of the blaze, early Friday. (Hachadashot Hachamot)
A number of bachurim from the Novominsk Yeshiva were injured following a fire that broke out juts after 12 a.m. Friday in the bungalow colony that they were to spend Shabbos.

The talmidim of the 12th grade were to have spent Shabbos in the Quaker Hill bungalow, in upstate New York, with the Novominsker Rebbe, shlita.

According to NBC News, Vini Tankasali, Department Commissioner of Emergency Services for Orange County said that fourteen people were injured when the Monroe bungalow went up in flames. The injured are being treated in a local hospital. One bachur had serious burns on both his hands and legs.

An initial investigation into the explosion revealed that the bachurim smelled a strong smell of gas, opened windows and then the gas balloon exploded, causing the bungalow to burn. Tankasali could not independently confirm the explosion was the result of a gas leak.

B’chasdei Shamayim, most of of boys were discharged after several hours. Four bachurim will remain in hospital for the next few days after suffering 2nd degree burns.

Names for tefillos: Yehoshua ben Yiskah, Eliezer ben Brachah, Chaim Boruch ben Miriam Eidel and Meir Dovid ben Chayah Leah.

 The cause of the explosions and inferno is still under investigation.


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