Shin Bet: Afula Stabbing Was Terrorism


Shin Bet: Afula Stabbing Was Terrorism

Written by Yona Schnitzer/TPS on June 12, 2018


The Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) has stated that Monday’s stabbing event in Afula, which left an 18 year old girl severely wounded, was an act of terrorism.

The incident took place in Afula on Monday afternoon, when a Palestinian man reportedly stabbed the woman in the neck, close to a local cafe. The woman managed to make her way to the cafe, collapsing at the entrance.

Local police apprehended a 20 year old Palestinian from Jenin who was fleeing the scene, and took him in for questioning.

Michal Malka, the victim’s mother, said that she was on her way to her high school civic studies finals when the man stabbed her. “God gave us a miracle. We hope that God willing, she’ll pull through,” she said.

On Tuesday, Deputy Director of HaEmek Medical Center. Dr. Gil Hirshhorn said the victim is conscious and stable, and is expected to be transferred from the intensive care unit to a surgical ward within a few days.

The suspect, who was shot in the legs during the police pursuit was transferred to a different hospital for security reasons.


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