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Aleph Beta -God’s Surprising Last Words At Sinai

What Moses Really Learned on Mt Sinai: God's Surprising Last Words | Aleph Beta            

Aleph Beta – God’s Physical Place in Our Lives Today

God's Physical Place in Our Lives Today | Aleph Beta

Aleph Beta – Connecting God’s Ark of the Covenant to Noah’s...

    Connecting God's Ark of the Covenant to Noah's Ark: What Does It Mean? | Aleph Beta  

Aleph Beta -Moshe’s “Efficiency” Crisis Parshat Yitro

The Real Lesson of Yitro's Leadership Advice to Moses | Aleph Beta

Aleph Beta -Parshat Beshalach: What Does It Mean To Have Faith?

Aleph Beta -Parshat Bo-Did God Really Need 10 Plagues?

Aleph Beta -Parshat Shmot: Does God Have Emotions?

Aleph Beta – Vayechi – Who Is Joseph’s Real Father

Aleph Beta – Vayigash – Understanding Pharaoh’s Dream

Aleph Beta – Parshat Miketz – Why Didn’t Joseph Write Home?
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