The Jerusalem College of Technology


The Jerusalem College of Technology (JCT) – Lev Academic Center a leading academic institution in Israel. It is fully accredited by the Council of Higher Education and provides academic degrees in technology, high-tech, engineering, management and nursing.


JCT has been working tirelessly to address the shortage of engineers by identifying the engineering specialties that are in highest demand, and creating programs to address them. Since its establishment, JCT has produced over 4,500 engineers, nearly 1,400 of which are women. 83% of our graduates are employed by leading national and multinational companies. JCT educates 4% of all students in Israel, however, its engineering students make up 10% of Israel’s engineering students.


In addition to meeting the important need of training engineers, JCT enables diverse segments of society, who would not otherwise have access to an academic education, to study engineering and integrate into the field. 853 women are currently studying at JCT towards a bachelor’s degree in engineering, more than any other institution in Jerusalem. Among these women are over 500 women from the ultra-orthodox (Haredi) community and several Ethiopian-Israelis, most of which come from homes that have no previous access to academia.


In order to assist underrepresented populations, particularly women from those populations, to enter engineering programs, JCT operates and partners with several programs including the Talia program, in which girls in high schools begin to study towards degrees in Computer Engineering while still in high-school; the Ofek program, which prepares women from ultra-orthodox seminaries to integrate into engineering programs at JCT, and runs a pre-academic preparatory program (Mechina), which provides those who lack the necessary grades to attend an institution of higher education with the opportunity to fill in the gaps in order to continue on to an Engineering track.


It is of vital importance that we encourage more women from these populations to become engineers. JCT is continuously seeking new sources of support for its students and we hope that you will choose to partner with us on this important endeavor.





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