Chedar Menachem of Los Angeles Celebrates Inclusion Day with Friendship Circle Kids



On a recent Monday morning, Srolik, was grinning from ear to ear, with his hat and jacket on and t’fillin bag at the ready. He was thrilled to actually walk up the front steps into Cheder Menachem Los Angeles. For years, as a child with special needs, he sat in the car and watched as his brothers got dropped off at a frum, Lubavitcher school, never even entering the building.

In a unique collaboration between Friendship Circle of Los Angeles and Cheder Menachem, 7 boys who have special needs, experienced a morning of inclusion, learning and fun. The day began with the boys being paired up with two seventh grade buddies. After an exuberant davening, each pair made their way to a classroom of peers, where Rebbis designed interactive lessons on chanukah and chassidishe yomim tovim.

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In a sensitivity awareness workshop, the Rebbis and students were prepared for the inclusive experience. Cheder Menachem went above and beyond! Every child received a Cheder Menachem yarmulka, a picture in front of a step and repeat and a magnet picture to remember the special day. Cheder Menachem even arranged an amazing menorah making workshop and each boy got to take home his very own menorah. The warmth and love shown by all the students and staff was the most beautiful kind of ahavas yisroel.

In the words of Mrs. Yudi Blauner, English Principal at Cheder Menachem, ‘The students are asking when the boys are coming back!’ A huge shout out to Rabbi Greenbaum, Mrs. Blauner and the outstanding team of Rebbis for their dedication and commitment to providing this incredible learning opportunity for both the Friendship Circle children and the students at Cheder Menachem.


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Chedar Menachem of Los Angeles Celebrates Inclusion Day with Friendship Circle Kids

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