Ditmas Kitchen and Cocktails: New Kosher Restaurant in LA!


Ditmas Kitchen and Cocktails, the new American eatery from chef Alex Reznik (La Seine, Cafe Wa s), sports two identities. On one hand it’s a restaurant dressed as a lounge with a rustic-style 20-foot communal table and some bar seatage, and on the other hand it’s a white tablecloth joint with oversized round booths and assorted bare lightbulbs. But through and through Ditmas is a place inspired by Reznik’s Brooklyn childhood, his mother and grandmother’s cooking, and the Avenue on which he grew up, Ditmas.

For the full article please click on the link: Alex Reznik’s NY-Inspired Restaurant, Ditmas Kitchen and Cocktails, Opens on Wednesday – Eater Inside – Eater LA.


Photos by Elizabeth Daniels


  1. I become worried when a restaurant advertises everything about it but the Hasgocho. Are they under a reliable hashgocho or is that not important to them?

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