Emek Family Fun Bowling Day


January 1st this year signaled a special day on the Emek school calendar.  Our very first “Family Fun Bowling Day” transpired at the Matador Bowl in Northridge, and what a day it was! The event, organized and facilitated by Rabbi Tropper, our Family Programming Director, transpired at Matador Bowl in Northridge.  Rabbi Tropper is always on the lookout for fun and wholesome activities at which our Emek families may socialize and relax together.  An added plus with this bowling event was that we were able to raise some important scholarship funds while everyone enjoyed a great time together.  Children, young and old, bowled and laughed all afternoon while “noshing” on kosher snacks. Schmoozing and playing together off-campus brings our Emek families together in a relaxed and informal manner, which is so important to building a healthy school environment.  There was even a fiercely fun “bowling competition” between our chief faculty members: Rabbi Shifman, Rabbi Solomon, Tova Bayever, and Michelle Andron.  Rabbi Solomon won the distinction of “Best Staff Bowler,” inciting the rivalry for next year.  If you missed out on the fun, be sure you don’t miss out on next year’s big “rematch.”  Stay tuned to your school calendar for upcoming events.

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