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Hacker Locks Miami Boys Choir Out of Tiktok Account For Over a Month

The Miami Boys Choir has gone viral on TikTok and Twitter, creating a new generation of fans of the Orthodox pop group. (Screenshots via Twitter, TikTok/Design by Jackie Hajdenberg)

(VINnews) — The Miami Boys Choir, which has become a social media sensation, was locked out of their Tiktok account for over one month, apparently due to a hacker.

The group only regained access this weekend, possibly thanks to intervention by their fans who reached out to Tiktok.

On Thursday, Chananya Begun, son of group leader Yerachmiel Begun, posted a tweet asking for help from anyone who knows how to resolve Tiktok issues.

Mr. Begun, who coordinates the group’s social media campaigns, wrote: Does anyone here have a contact at @TikTokSupport @tiktok_us? Huge issue with the Miami Boys Choir Tiktok account. A hacker locked us out. For over a month now, we have reached out to Tiktok at least FIFTY times. Barely a response, we are still locked out.”


Three days later Begun posted an update saying the issue was resolved, and thanking all those who assisted.

He wrote: Update: Twitter for the win. After a month wait, we are back in the MBC @tiktok
account. Thank you to everyone who reached out to @TikTokSupport on our behalf. And of course, thank you @TikTokSupport!

Although VIN has not confirmed that the Begun Twitter account is authentic, the MBC Tiktok account had no new videos posted since December 20. It is unclear what motivation a hacker would have to lock the group out of their extremely popular account.

Since last year, MBC has become a massive sensation on Tiktok, amassing 209K followers and over 5 million likes.

Source: VosIzNeias

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