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IDF Soldiers Injured By Explosive Device on Israel-Syria Border; Fire Back

Three IDF soldiers were injured this afternoon (Mar. 18) when an explosive device exploded, hitting a patrol jeep near the Israel-Syria border near Majdal Shams. Moments after the explosion, the soldiers were targeted by gunfire. The wounded soldiers, with light to moderate injuries, were evacuated to a hospital.

The IDF retaliated with artillery fire, targeting the source of the attack. An IDF spokesman stated that direct hits were confirmed.

 This explosion was the latest in a series of similar events that have occurred on Israel’s northern border in the past weeks. On March 14th a concealed explosive device was activated against IDF soldiers patrolling the Israel-Lebanon border at Har Dov. No injuries were reported in this incident.

On March 5th two Hezbollah-affiliated terrorists were identified attempting to plant an explosive device near the Israel-Syria border in the northern Golan Heights. IDF forces responded immediately and fired towards the suspects. Hits were identified.

By Aryeh Savir

Tazpit News Agency

IDF vehicle damaged as a result of the March 14 explosion PHOTO CREDIT: IDF
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