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LA Hosts Breakfast For Laniado Hospital

Los Angeles Strengthens Its Partnership with Laniado Hospital


“All Israel is Responsible for Each Other”; the overriding theme behind the “Laniado Hospital Week” that took place during the first two weeks of June was demonstrated thoroughly in the many community events which took place, including at the highlight Breakfast Reception function.

Miriam Fierberg-Ikar, who was Guest Speaker at the Breakfast Reception of the West Coast Friends of Laniado Hospital, is the very popular Mayor of the city of Netanya. Laniado Hospital is located in Netanya and fulfills an important strategic role serving as the only medical hospital center for the 500,000 residents of Netanya and its surrounding areas. Laniado Hospital was put to the ultimate test during the period of the Intifada when it received and treated close to a thousand victims from the 22 terrorist attacks that took place in Netanya, including the infamous Pesach Seder night Massacre at the Park Hotel when 30 were murdered and over a hundred and fifty people were injured.  Mayor Fierberg  told the packed audience of over two hundred participants that she was very touched to see the many people that came to show their support for Laniado Hospital.

The Breakfast Reception was held as a fundraising event for Laniado Hospital and to bring attention to its urgent need to complete the building of an Underground and Missile Safe Dialysis Center. A short film was presented which described the background behind the project. Today the Dialysis Center is located on the top floor of Laniado Hospital’s original building built in the 1950’s, “…placing the patients in a very vulnerable situation…” ”…should a missile strike take place…”, says Dr. Meir Zohar, Director of the Dialysis Center.

Dr. Zohar continued,”…it takes at least 5 minutes, if not more to detach a patient from a dialysis machine, but unfortunately we have only 90 seconds to find shelter once an imminent extreme warning alert goes off to let you know that a missile is coming your way…”. Meital Israel, Head Nurse of the Dialysis Center added, ”…this is a continuous nightmare for the staff, knowing that you’re unable to bring the patients to safety…”.

Ret. Major General Eitan Ben-Eliyahu, the former Commander in Chief of the Israeli Air Force, who was the person responsible during his tenure for increasing the flight length of the Air Force in order to reach Iran for a preemptive airstrike, was the keynote speaker at the Breakfast Reception. He explained the many flaws and dangers in the Nuclear Deal being worked out between the world powers and the Ayattolahs in Iran. He called upon the attendees to express their feelings towards the USA leadership in order to make a better agreement.

Ben-Eliyahu, stressed the importance behind the immediate completion of an underground and missile safe Dialysis Center in this very uncertain period in Israel. ”We must do everything possible to ensure the continuation of lifesaving services at Laniado Hospital” … “and give our full support to build the new missile safe Dialysis Center”, said Ben- Eliyahu.

 Sol Goldner, Co-Chairman of the Board of the West Coast Friends of Laniado Hospital and MC of the Breakfast Reception, stated the mission of the Board to raise a half of a million dollars in the months ahead. Urie Lieberman, Director of the West Coast Friends of Laniado Hospital was happy to report the successful initial results, reaching the half way mark of the fundraising campaign and thanked the Los Angeles community for their continued friendship and ongoing partnership in the development of Laniado Hospital.

Zvi and Betty Ryzman received a special award at the Breakfast Reception for their initiative to establish the Zvi and Betty Ryzman Family Invasive Cardiology Center and the purchase of a state of the art catherization machine saving many lives and enhancing the lives of many others in the short time that it has been operational.  Sol Teichman, Joe Kornwasser and Sol Goldner, Co-Chairmen of the Board of Governors presented the citation to the Ryzmans together with Mayor Fierberg and Major General Eitan Ben-Eliyahu and Urie Lieberman.

Mikey and Iris Dardashti and his parents, Feridoun and Paridoukht Dardashti were thanked for hosting and for sponsoring the Breakfast Reception at their home by Victor Hadad, Chairman of the West Coast Friends Committee of Laniado Hospital together with the Mayor Fierberg, former IAF commander Eliyahu and Lieberman, WCF Director..

In a video message, Chaim Hammerman, CEO of Laniado Hospital thanked all of the supporters in Los Angeles for their part in establishing the MRI Diagnostic Center and for their new role to help in the completion of the Dialysis Center.

The Breakfast Reception , bringing awareness to the Los Angeles community  about Laniado Hospital’s urgent project to complete the building of an Underground and Missile Safe Dialysis Centercame as a follow up event to a Panel Discussion on “Community Responsibility – Community Preparedness”, organized and initiated on behalf of the safety of the Los Angeles community by the West Coast Friends of Laniado Hospital.

The Panel Discussion helped to bring awareness to take a new look at things around us and called out to continue preparing the schools and shuls in the area of community security and preparedness. The event took place on June 7th at Nessah Congregation. A video of the presentations will be available for school and synagogue administrators. For contact and further information on the Dialysis Center and the “Community Preparedness” Discussion, see website and facebook WCF Laniado, and email


(l-r) Sol Goldner, MC and WCF Co-Chairman, Eitan Ben-Eliyahu, former IAF Commander, Sol Teichman, WCF Co-Chairman, Miriam Fierberg-Ikar, Mayor of Netanya, Betty and Zvi Ryzman, recepients of Special Award, Joe Kornwasser, WCF Co-Chairman and Urie Lieberman, WCF Director
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