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Sruly Werdyger & Shira Choir Performing MBD’s Rachem

Sruly Werdyger and Shira choir performing MBD's Rachem -  ישראל ורדיגר ושירה/ נוסטלגיה מרדכי בן דוד

Chasidic Sensation Sruly Werdyger, the nephew of the king of Chasidic music “the great Mordechai Ben David” accompanied by the Shira Choir mesmerized the crowd at a wedding with a nostalgic rendition of MBD’s famous “Racheim” from his 1980’s album “Moshiach is coming soon” .

At the request of the hosts, the night was dedicated to nostalgic songs, the mood was intensified during the performance of “Rachem” which was the true highlight of a special evening.

Musical performance by Yanky Briskman

Sound by Lipa Meisels/Supersound Studio

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