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A Unique Yeshivah College Program

A Unique Yeshivah College Program Turns Boys into Mentchen!

The ordinary Yeshivah system is not for everyone and many of our boys are on the outside looking in. But to let these potential leaders in our community just fall through the cracks is a tragedy that we, at Bais Toras Menachem, refuse to let happen.

That is why Rabbi Mordechai and Rivka Katz founded Bais Toras Menachem in 2008. Bais Toras Menachem is a program specifically tailored to help young men (age 17 and up) with some Yeshivah backgrounds to obtain Smicha ordination and concurrently build real job skills and credentials that will help them build a good career.

The Smicha Program is taught by Rabbi Levy Chazan and the formal examinations are administered by Harav Elchanan Tauber Shlita. The program combines Talmudic studies, Shulchan Aruch and related commentaries and codifiers.

BTM’s unique men’s only job skills program features a GED program and an Associates in Business Management from ORT College (for more info. See Other options include coursework and apprenticeship in construction, and classes in computer skills and web design. Additionally, the staff has been integrating its school programs with Life Coaching to make sure no student is left behind. “It is important that our students gain every advantage in life we can give them,” said Rabbi Katz. “If we can teach them goal setting, prioritization, planning, and motivation, these kids will have essential tools they need to succeed in the business world. Top that off with their Smicha, GED, and an Associate’s degree and the sky is the limit! ”

In addition to all of this, BTM will also offer Shidduch coaching. Rebbetzin Rivka Katz added that, “Many BTM alumni are BH already married and raising families; however we wanted to prepare our current students with the skills necessary for religious dating and basic skills of Shalom Bayis.”

“As we embark upon our 7th year, we are very enthusiastic about achieving new heights in terms of what this program has to offer,” says Administrator Mr. Yaakov Mark. “We look forward to accommodate many more sincere Bochurim who can appreciate the beauty and benefits of a rich Yeshiva learning experience, coupled with learning job skills, all in a well-balanced, supportive environment.”

Mrs. Rivky Katz also points to the program’s numerous extra-curricular activities as providing vital enrichment and support for its spiritual and social aspirations. These include regular farbrengens (gatherings) with members of the LA community, in addition to guest lecturers, trips, hikes, sports, barbecues, Shabbatons, and specialized in-town Shabbos experiences.
“A healthy body is a healthy soul; we are always encouraging our boys to get out in the sun and take hikes, kick a ball around, and enjoy Hashem’s world,” she says.

The students of BTM are often engaged by many of the local Shluchim who involve them in outreach programs (especially surrounding Chanukah and Purim) each according to the student’s individual skills and inclinations. The students are likewise warmly welcomed and embraced by the community of Los Angeles, making them feel as an integral part of the community which they certainly are!


Registration for Smicha track is open until September 22. Registration for GED/ ORT College is open until October 1. Classes start shortly after the Tishrei Chagim.

(The above is on a first come first serve basis; classes are kept small to ensure individualized attention)

To inquire further regarding BTM for the 2014-15 academic year, please email You may also contact Mrs. Rivky Katz at 323-495-3010

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