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Urgent! Missing Person Report

Caleb Jacoby is an 11th grader at Maimonides School.
He left his home yesterday at about 12:30pm.
No one has heard or received electronic communication from him since that time.
Detectives from the Brookline PD are actively engaged in searching for him.

His name is Kalev Avraham ben Elisheva.

Please forward and post this information as widely as possible. His photo is attached.

We are all praying for his safe return.

Community Tehillim this evening, 8:00pm, Young Israel of Brookline,
62 Green Street, Brookline, MA, 02446.

He is the son of Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby.

Detectives from the Brookline, MA PD are actively engaged in searching for him. Police urge anybody      with information about his whereabouts to contact them at 617-730-2222.


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