Yoely Klein, Shimmy Weitzhandler and Shaya Gross Visit with Rabbi Yitzi Hurwitz

Yoely Klein, Shimmy Weitzhandler and Shaya Gross visit Los Angeles to perform with Yonatan Razel at the Cheder Dinner at Tierra Sur At Herzog Wine Cellars Motzei Shabbos December 18 2016,

However, before they greet in Shabbos in Los Angeles they make a special visit together with Moshe Storch to the home of a very special Chabad Shliach Rabbi Yitzi Hurwitz who unfortunately is suffering from ALS disease.

The energy they felt in that room brought out the best music in them as they jumped and twirled in the joy, of simply being a Yid, that Reb Yitzi’s smile shines out to all those near him! Enjoy and daven for the complete Refua Sheleima for Yosef Yitzchack ben Bracha b’karov.

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