Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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“Just Be Yourself” from Avraham Fried and the Zemiros Choir

A few years ago, Avraham Fried introduced the world to a famous saying from the Kotzker Rebbe ZT”L through a song. The song titled...

Choni G releases a new track: “Jerusalem a Capella”

Choni G releases a new track: "Jerusalem a Capella" in commemoration of  Tisha B'av, a date that brings a powerful storm of emotions to every Jew's...

Music: Yoel Falkowitz & Mezamrim Choir – Acapella

Yoel Falkowitz Accompanied by Mezamrim Choir Led by Chilu Posen, Singing Acapella At a Bar Mitzvah at Young Israel Avenue K on Monday May...