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The driving force behind the ban on kosher slaughtering

The West’s predominant ideology of moral and cultural relativism has propelled the rise of paganism, as well as the veneration of the animal and...

Second-class citizens in Europe – again

We thought there was no way the court would slap a community already struggling under the twin weight of the pandemic and across the...

EPA Bans Consumer Use of Deadly Paint Stripper, in Rare Step

By The Associated Press March 15, 2019     WASHINGTON — The Environmental Protection Agency on Friday banned consumer use of a popular but deadly paint stripper...

Israel Bans Three Arab MKs From Knesset

Israel Bans Three Arab MKs From Knesset Sessions After They Visited Terrorists’ Families Written by Michael Bachner/TPS on February 08, 2016 Jerusalem (TPS) – The Knesset...