Tuesday, October 26, 2021
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‘You’re a clown’: Bennett slammed by Orthodox lawmaker for controversial statement

Bennett is “a man who formed a government through theft, fraud and deception,” said haredi lawmaker Aryeh Deri. Ultra-Orthodox (haredi) lawmakers responded with fury after...

Bennett: The ultra-Orthodox have too much political power

“I’m happy that there are haredim, but we need to limit their political influence,” the Israeli premier said. During a speech on Israel’s current political...

Highest in the World: Nearly Two-Thirds of Chareidi Jews in UK...

A study published on Tuesday shows that nearly two-thirds of the Chareidi population in London have coronavirus antibodies, likely the highest recorded rates in a...

Why Israeli sharpshooters are training Jews in US countryside

Anti-Semitic crime is on the rise in America, and Hasidic and other Orthodox Jews are preparing for the worst. Watch: https://youtu.be/tkfWQ7e-iRs (Arutz 7).