Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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Smart, suture-less wound dressing prompts healing, wards off infection

Instead of sutures, a self-healing antibacterial polymer; instead of examining the wound, integrated smart monitoring. It is a staple of science fiction to mock sutures as...

Israeli Scientist Discovers Baking Soda Helps Kill Cancer Cells

An Israeli-Arab researcher at the Technion in Haifa discovers that nano-sized baking soda placed near a tumor improves the cancer treatment, especially in breast...

Blocking the Infection Cycle: Technion Scientists Develop Effective, Long-lasting Disinfectants

Unlike household bleach and similar products used for disinfecting surfaces, the new substances target the virus infection mechanism and remain active...

Technion Develops ‘Simulator’ to Show How Corona Policies Affect the World

Team at Israel’s top technological university develops computerized simulator that uses mathematical models to show how changes in coronavirus policy decisions affect...

Technion Opens First-of-its-Kind Cancer Center

FIRST-OF-ITS-KIND CENTER BRINGS NEW TOOLS & PLAYERS TO THE GLOBAL FIGHT AGAINST CANCER The Technion Integrated Cancer Center (TICC) brings together the best minds in...

Technion Graduates Match with Top Hospitals in US

Technion Graduates Match with Top Hospitals in US By Raizel Druxman After four years immersed in medical training abroad, Technion’s American Medical Program graduates are moving...