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Thousands Celebrate Wedding of Sarah Litman -Terror Victim’s Daughter (Photo Album)

Thousands Celebrate Wedding of Terror Victim’s Daughter - Sarah Litman Written by Michael Bachner/TPS on November 27, 2015 Jerusalem (TPS) – Sarah Techiya Litman and Ariel...

Avraham Fried Sings At Litman & Biegel Wedding

Avraham Fried Sings At Litman & Biegel Wedding The wedding had to be postponed after Litman's father and 18-year-old brother, Yaakov and Netanel Litman, were...

Father and son killed in a Terrorist Attack near Otniel

President Rivlin Vows To Fight Terrorism At Funeral Of Israel’s Latest Terror Victims Written by Jonathan Benedek/TPS on November 15, 2015 Terror victims Rabbi Yaakov Litman...
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