‘Hey Love’-
Song by Levi Robin
Produced by Stu Brooks
Mixed by Joel Hamilton

My dear friend Shua (Yehoshua Raphael HaLevi ben Yocheved) has been in the hospital since last week, fighting for his life. His family, friends and even people who never met Shua, are taking upon themselves to do things that increase light in this world. In Shua’s merit I would like to release a song tonight, Hey Love, in hopes that it brings comfort and healing to Shua, his family, and the whole world. In this song, it is sung “even in the valleys and the shadows, I’m here”, that even in the darkest moments and experiences, the Divine Presence is with us.


Hey love don’t fear
Even in the valleys and the shadows
I’m here
Hey love stay near
Always in my heart
I’m holding you

Hey love go on
Do as you may but I’m holding you
Hey love keep warm
Though it’s so early
For such a great

Hey love don’t go
Away from truth your heart already
Hey love say no
To the voices that come and say
Its aint so

Hold on to the hand
That reaches out to guide you
Across this narrow bridge
Above the fall below you
Beyond your years
You’ll find in yourself wisdom
Let it be heard, let it be heard

Hey love stay strong
Even as you grow old never let go
Of your song

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