NEW CD: 8th Day – Inner Flame


NEW CD: 8th Day – Inner Flame

Ten years ago a new act appeared on the Jewish Music scene. The Jewish rock band 8th Day brought a fresh sound and a different approach to a genre that until recently had featured almost exclusively Hebrew and Yiddish songs. The lead singer and lyricist of the band Shmuel Marcus explains, ”we were not trying to fit into any genre or style, we just wanted to make fun and interesting songs inspired by our upbringing in a Chassidic Jewish home.” Marcus, who is accompanied by his brother Bentzi Marcus [the guitarist and music producer of the group,] is a full time Chabad Rabbi here in Southern California where he runs weekly services and youth programs for his community. Just your average Rabbi all day, rock star by night.

The group released its first LP “Tracht Gut” in 2005 and began touring all over the US with their unique brand of spiritually conscious rock. In 2011 they had their first global hit with the release of the album ”Chasing Prophecy” that featured the incredible song and video for ”Ya’alili” which went number one on the charts in Israel and has over 3 million views on YouTube. They went on to tour all over the world and released 2 more albums to much critical acclaim.
Now back with their seventh release, ”Inner Flame”, 8th Day continues to push the envelope creatively while blending genres and sounds so effortlessly you can make the case they have created their own genre. The one thing that is consistent however, is the groups deeply inspiring lyrics. Led by the vocals and mesmerizing harmonies of the Marcus brothers Bentzi and Shmuel, you can easily get lost in the wonderful sound and spirit of the 8th Day band. Inner Flame features stomping dance grooves like the opening track “Celebrate” and the album’s title track “Inner Flame”, while also sweeping you away with poetic ballads like “R’ Akiva” [based on the life story of the Talmudic Rabbi Akiva who was ignorant of Torah study until the age of forty,] and the stirring and soulful ”Tears”.
This latest release is another must-have for music fans everywhere… of all ages.
To learn more and get all the latest about 8th Day, please visit their website at

By Debbie Perlman
Photos – Zalmy Berkowitz
Design – Menachem Krinsky


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