Police Make Major Drug Bust on Egyptian Border

Photo by Police Spokesmanship on 8 August, 2019

By Arye Green/TPS • 8 August, 2019

Israeli Police overnight Wednesday thwarted a major drug operation on the Israel-Egypt border.

The Border Police’s Special Forces prepared for the operation in advance, disguising themselves and monitoring the situation on the border closely throughout the night.

The forces spotted vehicles approaching the border and then two suspects who started to load sacks of material, which was suspected to be drugs, into their truck. On the Egyptian side of the border, 25 accomplices used ropes and ladders to get the massive sacks over the border fence.

After the transfer was concluded, the camouflaged troops set out to catch the smugglers, using special gear developed for operations of this kind. The smugglers were caught, and in their possession police found 24 sacks of different materials suspected to be drugs.

The operation was a major success, stopping the smugglers in their tracks, and obtaining 300 KG of drugs, worth millions of Shekels.

The commander of the operation explained the complexity of such operations and said that it often takes many hours of hard work to carry out such an operation.

“A successful operation such as this makes up for many hours of work under harsh conditions. We feel great satisfaction in the success of our work, preventing these drugs from entering the country and reaching Israeli citizens,” he said.


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