Shabbat Shelach 5777 – The Eruv Shabbos Campaign


Shabbat Shelach 5777 – The Eruv Shabbos Campaign

The Eruv is UP!

Our LA citywide The Eruv Shabbos campaign will take place on Parshas Shlach, June 17, 2017. Half of our budget comes from shuls collecting annual dues; for the remainder we are relying on you, the community.  The LA Eruv was built to enhance the experience of Shabbos in our community; increased togetherness, better access to shul, and additional options for the young and elderly are all facilitated by an eruv. The LA Eruv relies upon a cooperative effort of the community to fund its operations.

Booklets and pledge cards are being distributed to all of the shuls in the community. Everyone is asked to participate and make a commitment to support the LA Eruv during the annual Shabbos appeal. You can also donate online at or via PayPal at Please also sign up to receive the weekly LA Eruv status email at

The LA Eruv: By the Community, For the Community.

The Eruv has been sponsored by the Turk and Balter families L’iluy Nishmas Chaim Avigdor Ben Aharon Tzvi (Herbert) Turk for every Shabbos of 2017.

Weekly, Monthly and Annual co-sponsorship opportunities are available.



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