The Lubavitcher Rebbe on serving in the IDF


The Talmud relates that King David and his general, Yoav Ben Tzeruya, supplemented each other. David was immersed in the study of Torah, while Yoav went out to battle. If not for the merit of David’s Torah, Yoav would not have been victorious in his wars, and if not for Yoav’s battles, David would not have had the ability to study Torah.

Today, the bravery and sacrifice of Israel’s soldiers on the front lines will continue to meet success when bolstered and secured by their “spiritual supply corps” — the Torah study of the “support troops” back home. For the Torah is our deed of ownership to the Holy Land.

This partnership will keep the military miracles coming.

6 Tishrei, 5728 — October 10, 1967

From Living Torah Volume 119 Program 474

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