Israeli Killed in Palestinian Rock Ambush Attack

Avraham Asher Chasano moments before he was hit by the Palestinian driver. (Facebook)

The endless wave of Palestinian terror continued on Tuesday and claimed another victim when an Israeli civilian died as a result of an ambush by rock-throwing Palestinian terrorists. 

An Israeli civilian was killed on Tuesday when he was ambushed by rock-throwing Palestinians and burning tires, and subsequently died after being hit by a truck.

According to initial reports, Avraham (Asher) Chasano, 54, was ambushed by rock-throwing Palestinian terrorists at the Al Fawar junction in the Hebron region.

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He pulled over to the side of the road, possibly to chase the terrorists. He was then hit by a Palestinian driving a truck and critically wounded. The driver fled the scene.

Israeli medical teams worked to save his life, but were unsuccessful.

The truck driver subsequently turned himself in to the Palestinian police. It is not yet clear if he hit the Israeli intentionally. Some reports indicate he was trying to avoid the rock-throwing himself when he hit the Israeli. He claims it was an accident.A spokesman for the Har Hebron Regional Council stated that the victim lay on the road for a while after being hit by the truck, but none of the Palestinians in the vicinity offered treatment. Instead, they took photos of his body.

Chasano, a father of seven and a grandfather of nine children, was a resident of Kiryat Arba and was described as an active and prominent member of the community.

Israel’s Ynet reports that Palestinians gave out sweets in the streets of the nearby Palestinian town of Durah to celebrate the deadly incident.

Malachi Levinger, the mayor of Kiryat Araba, said that the tragic incident was a result government’s weak response to the wave of Palestinian terror attacks. “Continued vacillation by the Israeli government allows the terrorists to continue to act. We must move from defensiveness and passivity to establishing facts – the building of new communities in Judea and Samaria today, not tomorrow. We have heard enough of rhetoric and demand actions.”


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