20,000 Demonstrate Against Govt. at Points Across the Country

Photo by TPS on 18 January, 2022
By TPS • 19 January, 2022

Jerusalem, 19 January, 2022 (TPS) — Some 20,000 Israelis rallied at about 100 intersections and bridges throughout the country from Golan Heights to Eilat with dozens of Knesset Members who joined to protest against “the loss of Zionist values, legal persecution, and damage to the Jewish identity of the State of Israel,” led by Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and his government.

Under the banner “Israel in danger – we want a Jewish state,” the protestors braved the cold winter weather held banners at the rallying points while simultaneously a prayer rally was held at the Kotel, Western Wall. A parallel demonstration was also held on Zoom for Corona patients and those in quarantine.

The organizers of the demonstration thanked the tens of thousands who came “for an important cause. The loss of values ??and the government’s policies are a real danger to the existence and identity of the state. That is why we must take to the streets.”

“People from all walks of life joined together at intersections and bridges throughout the country as one against the conduct of the Israeli government,” the statement said.

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The organizers lauded the protestors “for voting with their feet to identify with the struggle. The government forgets that we are a Jewish and democratic state, which our forefathers fought to establish, and we all said in a clear voice that there is no legitimacy to this government. The protest will continue to grow and gain momentum until the evil government falls.”


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