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Ignite Teen Treatment Centers

Ignite Teen Treatment is proud to announce the opening of its second location, and with it, the creation of a separate girls and boys treatment program.

Ignite Teen Treatment is A premier provider of clinical mental health and addiction treatment. Our state of the art treatment homes are fully kosher, well appointed, and safe, while providing a sense of warmth and home. Our treatment programs provide intensive individual, group, and family therapy, education, life skills, and experiential therapies including music, art, and equine therapy, psychodrama, boxing, yoga, and fitness, and even an onsite pool and music studio.

In addition to the high caliber of mental health and addiction treatment services, Ignite is owned by a Frum “Chabadnik” and therapist named Mendi Baron. The needs of the Jewish community are critical to his mission and as such, the local Chabad Rabbis and Rebbitzens visit the facility regularly during the week to spend time, learn, and bond with the Jewish clients (at the pace and desire of the client) as well as supply chizuk for the families, and Shabbos treats, candles, and more for the clients.

Now with a separate girls and boys home, Ignite is moving forward in its mission to be of service to the Jewish community world wide.

Ignite also accepts most major insurance plans, making its services affordable to all.


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