5 Reasons Pomegranates Are The Crown Jewel Of Fruits


5 Reasons Pomegranates Are The Crown Jewel Of Fruits


“This article was re-published with permission from NoCamels.com – Israeli Innovation News.


It’s pomegranate season! This ruby-red super-fruit with a crown is one of the world’s most celebrated foods. Today’s crop varieties are said to have originated in Iran or Afghanistan, but they’ve been growing in Israel and the region for thousands of years.

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Israeli horticultural researchers are known for introducing new types of pomegranates to the market, which are shipped to European clients. Of course, some of the local produce is kept in Israel: especially as the pomegranate (“rimon” in Hebrew) is one of the ritual foods for the Rosh Hashana holiday (Jewish New Year), which begins this weekend.

The pomegranate actually has numerous meanings and cultural references and is deemed a healthy – even medicinal – fruit. Already a pomegranate fan? Not one yet?

Here are 5 reasons to love the pomegranate:

They’re nutritional

Pomegranates may very well be the world’s most healthy fruits. These nutrient-rich ruby red orbs are bursting with vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals.

“Pomegranates have an amazing amount of Vitamin C, about a third of the recommended daily amount, and the fruit’s red-colored flesh contains high levels of antioxidants. As such, pomegranates have been shown to have anti-tumor properties and help ward off cancer, support a healthy heart, and lower blood pressure,” Yael Inbar, a health coach in Tel Aviv, tells NoCamels.

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