“A New Zeman, A New Opportunity for Everyone to Learn Practical Monetary Halacha”


The new zeman is set to begin not only for Yeshivos across the world, but also for participants in the revolutionary “Business Kollel Network” program, a project of Parnassah Network – Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce.

Business Kollel Network caters to both bnei Torah and baalebatim who seek to learn the commonly applied Hilchos Choshen Mishpat in a very intriguing and easy-to-understand manner.

For the new zeman, individuals, chavrusos, shuls and kollelim can join a fast growing number of peers in literally every corner of North America and take advantage of this unique opportunity. The curriculum for the upcoming months focuses on “Hilchos Nezikin U’shemira M’hezek” – Laws of Damages and Prevention, and can be learned at any location, on any schedule.

Business Kollel Network offers a comprehensive ready-made curriculum, along with a wealth of downloadable shiurim and other multimedia resources for every topic. Participants familiarize themselves with all the halachic sources and practical scenarios related to the topics while devoting just a modest amount of time each day.

To say that this program has been life changing for participants – from bothruchniyus and practical perspectives – is an understatement.

Some of the leading authorities and organizations related to practical monetaryhalacha helped develop the curriculum, deliver various live shiurim to participants and are available to respond to questions. They include rabbanimaffiliated with Bais Din Maysharim, Bais HaVaad L’Inyanei Mishpat, Business Halacha Institute, and others.

Business Kollel Network continues to work on all fronts to perfect the program and take the world of monetary Halacha to yet the next level says its founder R Duvi Honig. One particularly exciting program in the works is a“Parnassah K’Halacha,” which will iy”H publish Shulchan Aruch Choshen Mishpat with an English translation, elucidation and practical scenarios.

Now is the perfect time to join Business Kollel Network!

click here to download the curriculum  http://businesskollel.com/curriculum.html


For more information, please visit www.businesskollel.com


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