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Air France pilots brawl in cockpit mid-flight

Air France pilots brawl in cockpit mid-flight
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Air France has announced that two pilots have been suspended after they got into a physical altercation in the cockpit during a flight.

According to the report in La Tribune, the plane’s crew heard the heated argument between the two pilots inside the cockpit during a flight between Geneva and Paris last June.

After a short time they heard that the two pilots began to exchange blows and entered the cockpit to separate them.

After they were separated, one of the pilots moved to sit in Economy Class, leaving the other pilot to fly the plane alone. The Aviation Safety Investigation Authority in France has also opened an investigation to understand what caused the two pilots to exchange blows in the middle of the flight.

The French airline has become the focus of the investigations after it became clear that it did not follow many safety procedures.

Among other things, crew members of an Air France plane that took off in 2020 discovered that the plane’s fuel tank was missing 1.4 tons of fuel. Fortunately the plane was able to complete the flight without the missing fuel.

Source: Arutz 7


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