Alex Clare: Keeping Shabbos & My Career


Alex Clare is an internationally renowned singer-songwriter, with millions of fans all over the globe. But two and a half years ago, he was down to his last pennies and unable to pay his rent. Because he insisted on keeping Shabbos, the record label he signed up with fired him, and his career seemed doomed.

But Alex’s rabbi told him that just like Avraham Avinu withstood the test of the Akeida, this too was a test from G-d.

Sure enough, when Alex was merely weeks away from absolute bankruptcy, he got an e-mail from Microsoft requesting to use his song ‘too close’ for a global marketing campaign for Internet Explorer. That song went on to sell 6 million copies, and the album sold 1 million.

The video below was created to promote a campaign launched by the office of South Africa’s chief rabbi, Warren Goldstein, titled ‘The Shabbos Project,’ which seeks to have Jews all over the country – and the world – keep one complete Shabbos in unity.

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