Amazing! New App helps keep kids safe!


 BuddyTag is the revolutionary wristband built to monitor and protect your loved ones

A missing child is a parent’s worst nightmare. A one of a kind product is here to keep kids safe while allowing them to discover their own independence. BuddyTag are colorful wristbands equipped with Bluetooth technology that pair to an innovative app designed to track kids.

BuddyTag works in conjunction with the free custom app to alert connected phones when the child is out of proximity and sends an e-mail when they are completely out of range. The app is currently available on iTunes for iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, fourth generation iPAD, iPAD mini, iPAD Air and 5th generation iPod Touch. An Android version is set to be released in Google Play shortly.

After losing sight of his daughter at a crowded amusement park, Creator Willie Wu realized the need for an immediate tracking device.

“No matter how careful or attentive you are, there will be times that any good parent will lose track of their children. BuddyTag provides my wife and myself an extra safety net in keeping our children in our immediate proximity when we are out,” says Willie Wu. “I sincerely believe BuddyTag will help many other moms and dads in keeping their children and loved ones safe.”

Key features include:

• Proximity Alert System- When kids are out of proximity an alarm will sound on your phone to alert you. Customize the range according to the size of the venue.

• Panic Button- Located on the wristband, kids can press the button to alert their parents they are in danger.

• Email with Location- Allows parents who have kids on field trips or with a babysitter to view when and where they were last tracked by the app.

• Multiple Connections- Pair several BuddyTags to one phone and customize the name of each to identity the “buddy” you are monitoring.

BuddyTag is available in 4 different styles (Silicone, Disposable, Terrycloth, Velcro) and over fivecolor combinations. Each wristband with a Bluetooth tag retails for $35.00 and can be purchased directly at

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