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American Airlines launching flight from Dallas to Israel

American Airlines launching flight from Dallas to Israel
American Airlines

The world’s largest airline to run 3 flights a week to Israel. Consul General in Houston Gilad Katz: ‘Hallelujah!!! Big news from AA.’

Arutz Sheva Staff, 09/08/19 00:12

American Airlines, the world’s largest airline, announced on Thursday that it will run a non-stop flight from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport to Ben-Gurion Airport beginning in September 2020.

There will be three Dallas to Israel flights a week, on Monday, Thursday and Saturday night.

American Airlines will be the only company operating a direct line between the southwest United States and Israel. The flight time between Texas and Israel will be reduced by about 25% and will last approximately 12 hours. It is estimated that this line is expected to significantly increase tourism between Israel and Texas, as well as the rest of the southwest US.

The Dallas Airport will also serve as a hub for connecting flights to the flight to Israel from other states such as Mexico, Louisiana, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, California and others.

Israel’s Consul General in Houston, Gilad Katz said, “The direct flight between Israel and Texas will strengthen the two economies and deepen the Israeli-Texas relationship in a variety of areas such as: high-tech, medicine, academia and more.”

“As demand continues to grow between the United States and Israel, American will support that growth with three weekly flights from its largest hub,” American said in a statement. “The tech industry continues to grow in Israel, and American will be able to provide the most efficient routing to U.S. tech cities like Austin, Texas and San Jose, California.”


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