American College Students Openly Support Campaign To Kill Jews


A mind-boggling video released Thursday by filmmaker Ami Horowitz shows students at San Francisco State University (SFSU) supporting and even offering donations help kill Jews.

In a series of interactions captured on hidden cameras, Horowitz is seen asking students if they are willing to contribute financially to “arms and weapons against the Jews” globally. He specifically mentions targeting “soft targets, schools, hospitals, Jewish cafes.” Horowitz tells one student, “All we have is rockets and suicide bombers, that kind of thing.”

Reactions from the students were varied but deeply concerning. “I would totally be down,” one student said. Another student responded, “I like what you’re saying,” while another said of Jews, “I think their behavior and the actions are evil.”

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“Because they want the land. It’s a money thing,” yet another student said.

The video shows some students offering money, ranging from $5 to $30, to support Horowitz’s fictional campaign. On student, unable to donate money, “kindly” offered to instead spread the message.

In all, 28 out of 35 students asked expressed support for killing Jews and 17 out of 35 – nearly 50% – offered money to kill Jews.

Closing out the video, Horowitz highlighted his alarming findings: “The rhetoric in demonizing Jews we have seen globally has led to this. Twenty-eight out of 35 people I engaged in conversation with expressed support for what I was doing. And 17 out of 35 — nearly 50% of the people I spoke with — offered me money to kill Jews.

Source: The Yeshiva World



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