Anti-Israel Hate Graffiti Sprawled at Cornell University


ITHACA (VINnews) — Cornell University’s campus in upstate New York was defaced with hateful antisemitic graffiti Wednesday morning

There were multiple anti-Israel hate-filled messages, including “*** Israel” and “Zionism = Racism.”

At some point before 9 AM, the graffiti began being sprayed by unknown vandals who painted hateful messages in red and white spray paint including: “Israel is Fascist,” “Zionism = Racism,” and “Free Palestine”.

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The vandalism came several days after a professor at the Ivy League school who called Hamas’ terror attack “exhilarating” and “energizing” took a leave of absence.

This incident comes amidst several weeks of on-campus controversy between pro-Israel and pro-Palestine students and faculty. Headlined by viral, controversial comments by history professor Russell Rickford, the Israel-Palestine struggle has come to Ithaca.

Rickford has served as a lightning rod for campus discourse, with pro-Israel students and faculty demanding his firing and pro-Palestine students and faculty supporting him. The Review confirmed that Rickford has gone on leave, but the controversy has not left with him.

Source: VosIzNeias


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