Antisemitic diversity consultant funded by Canadian gov’t to be investigated

Laith Marouf (Twitter)

Anti-racism expert called Jews “loud mouthed bags of human feces” in a tweet.

By World Israel News Staff

A Beirut-based diversity consultant for Canadian TV broadcasters, whose organization received some $100,000 a year in funding from the Canadian government, is facing an investigation after his antisemitic tweets were publicly exposed.

Laith Marouf, who is listed as a senior consultant for the Community Media Advocacy Centre (CMAC), spearheaded a project aiming to curb biased reporting among Canadian broadcasters.

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Although Marouf ostensibly is considered an expert in combating hate and racial prejudice, a look into his Twitter account revealed multiple vitriolic tweets aimed at Jews as well as at the U.S.

“You know all those loud mouthed bags of human feces, aka the Jewish White Supremacists; when we liberate Palestine and they have to go back to where they come from, they will return to being low voiced [expletive] of thier (sic) Christian/Secular White Supremacist Masters,” he wrote.

“The Jewish White Supremacist Summit hosted by Apartheid Canada PM @JustinTrudeau, was the brain-child of @IrwinCotler the Grand Wizard of Zionism in this Colony. Note that he looks like a [expletive] without makeup, as he spews his [expletive],” read another tweet.

Cotler, who was appointed Canada’s special envoy on antisemitism and is the father of Israeli former MK Michal Colter-Wunsch, said that in a statement that Marouf’s tweets were “beyond the pale.”

“If you want to understand the psychosis that is Zionism, examining Netanyahu or AIPAC will get you nowhere,” read an additional tweet by Marouf. “You need to read about Holocaust Porn in Israel, to understand how an oppressed people not only emulate their oppressor, but also fetishize their oppressors and oppressing others.”

He also posted photos of himself in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C., making an obscene gesture at a statue of President Abraham Lincoln.

Another selfie at the Vietnam War Veterans Memorial shows Marouf again making an obscene gesture, in front of the graves of U.S. veterans.

A caption accompanying the picture reads, “wishing [the cemetery] was much bigger with the names of a few million dead corpses of USian [American] dirt baggs (sic).”

Marouf’s Twitter account is private, but one of his followers took screenshots of the tweets in question and sent them to various Canadian news outlets.

“We condemn this unacceptable behaviour by an individual working in an organization dedicated to fighting racism and discrimination,” Canada’s Diversity Minister Ahmed Hussen said in a statement.

“Our position is clear — antisemitism and any form of hate have no place in Canada. That is why I have asked Canadian Heritage to look closely at the situation involving disturbing comments made by the individual in question. We will address this with the organization accordingly, as this clearly goes against our government’s values.”

Shimon Koffler Fogel, president and CEO of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, called for a dramatic overhaul of Canada’s funding for diversity projects.

“Canadian Heritage must review its oversight policies to ensure Canadian taxpayer dollars are provided to groups committed to cherished Canadian values and to combating racism, hate, and discrimination,” he said.


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