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Antisemitic flyers found in Florida during Holocaust Memorial Day

Antisemitic flyers found in Florida during Holocaust Memorial Day
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Hate group behind nationwide antisemitic flyer campaign distributes propaganda in heavily Jewish Palm Beach

A notorious white supremacist group distributed antisemitic flyers in the Palm Beach, Florida area shortly before the start of Holocaust Memorial Day on Tuesday.

The hate literature was discovered in Lake Park and Riviera Beach in Palm Beach County on Monday morning, according to WPTV.

The flyers were from the “Goyim Defense League,” the hate group responsible for numerous similar flyer drops across the United States, according to StopAntisemitism.

The organization noted that the Goyim Defense League’s leader, Jon Minadeo II, has encouraged an increase in the distribution of antisemitic flyers in the state in response to the Florida legislature advancing Bill HB269, whose purpose is to curb the increase in antisemitic incidents in the state, strengthening the punishment for religious-based harassment to a third-degree felony.

Palm Beach has the second largest Jewish community in Florida.

The incident follows previous distributions of similar antisemitic flyers across Florida, including recently in West Palm Beach, Palm Beach, Boca Raton.

The flyers found in Palm Beach included a call to stop HB269, referring to it as the “Don’t Say Jew” bill and alleging that it will “end the First Amendment in order to make it a felony to criticize Jews or the State of Israel” and also claiming that “Jews are allowed to defame whites but whites aren’t allowed to even so much as tell the truth about Jews.”

Local activist Linda Posner, who co-organized a “Standing up to Anti-Semitism in South Florida and Beyond,” event in her area this week, told the news outlet that the hate flyers targeting the Jewish community underline the urgency of passing Bill269.

“And that’s the reason that House Bill 269 is so important, because it will make hate crimes a felony offense something that can be punishable,” Posner said. “The whole idea is for us to live together with peace and respect.”

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