Antisemitic Jewish caricatures paraded through UNESCO listed Belgian carnival

The antisemitic float was paraded through the annual carnival parade in Aalst. The orthodox Jews stand amongst bags of money, coins and gold bars, with rats coming out from their clothes.

Monday, 04 March 2019 16:47


Spectators visiting the famous Aalst carnival in Belgium were shocked to find the depiction of orthodox Jews with unflattering expressions standing amongst sacks of money, paraded through the town.


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The Aalst carnival was included in UNESCO’s list of intangible world heritage in 2010. It’s origin dates back to the Middle Ages. However, only events from 1923 organised by Aalst city council are officially counted.

The depiction of orthodox Jews with grimacing faces “brought back memories from Nazi propaganda leaflets and publications such as Der Stürmer from the 1930s,” outraged spectators at the carnival told The Brussels Times.

Aalst mayor Christoph D’Haese is yet to comment on the incident.

In another part of the parade, a procession resembling the Ku Klux Klan were seen celebrating with town officials, in the presence Flemish nationalist politician Senator Guy D’haeseleer.

The hooded costumes are traditional Catholic outfits worn by processions in Belgium, Italy & Spain, but often have comparisons drawn to the American white supremacist hate group.

In a separate unrelated incident, Sunday, a man under the influence of sleeping pills drove his car into the parade route.

Source: The Brussels Times


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