ANTISEMITISM AT JFK: Sen. Ted Cruz Demands Answers From TSA Over Numerous Incidents


Senator Ted Cruz of Texas has warned the TSA to be ready to answer some tough questions from him over numerous alleged antisemitic incidents that TSA agents have been engaged in at JFK Airport in New York.

The antisemitism and discrimination of visibly Jewish people at the airport has long been alleged, but has almost never received coverage in the press. This has allowed the incidents to continue unabated, with TSA agents unabashedly discriminating against, shaming, berating, and acting outright rude – but only to Jews.

This disturbing pattern gained significant attention after Republican political strategist Liz Mair wrote about it in a Twitter thread on Wednesday, in which she said she was also discriminated against – not because she’s Jewish (she is not), but because TSA agents mistook her surname for being Jewish.

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Dozens of Jews have since publicly stated their own experiences with antisemitism from TSA agents at JFK Airport, with many demanding answers from the federal agency.

Senator Cruz commented on Mair’s thread, writing, “Deeply disturbing and totally unacceptable if true. @TSA, please be ready to have some very candid conversations about this in the coming weeks and months.”


Source: The Yeshiva World


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