Arms depot operated by Hezbollah explodes in southern Lebanon

File photo: Hezbollah-owned Iranian anti-tank missiles that were captured by Israel Defense Forces in southern Lebanon in 2006. Credit: IDF.

The blast was reportedly caused by a “technical error.”

 A Hezbollah arms depot exploded in the village of Ain Qana in southern Lebanon on Tuesday was caused by a “technical error,” a security source told Reuters.

The blast, which reportedly did not cause many injuries, comes weeks after massive multiple explosions at the Beirut Port on Aug. 4 that resulted in nearly 200 deaths, thousands of injuries and caused extensive damage throughout the capital city of Beirut.

Moreover, it has rocked an already unstable country.

A second security source told Reuters that the Iran-backed terrorist organization Hezbollah has set up a security perimeter around the site of the blast in the group’s stronghold.

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